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Frezzin for a Reason 2015 will not be held this year due to a dredging project in the lake that will prevent any skiing. We are so thankful for the past years this event was held. The Lion's Club will still be taking tax- deductable donations.

Lake Winnebago Lion's Club is still taking tax-deductable donations via website using PayPal ( you don't need a sign-on to give online)


Write a check and send it to: 289 Winnebago Dr, Lake Winnebago, MO 64034 with a check payable to: Lions club of Lake Winnebago Foundation.



 Donations are accepted year round to us directly at our home addresss of 160 Sandsridge Way.  Waynesville NC 28785. We are on facebook under VickieChris Hurley Cox.  We would love to friend anyone who is a part of this community or those who have helped us in anyway. Our email address is or 816-694-1040 0r 816-522-5677. Thank You, The Cox Family. 


We thank all those who support our family in any way and ask for continued prayers on behalf of our family.


To the Lake Winnebago and even the Winnebago Wizards, we are greateful for the continued support. Grace is still on IGG infusions but other than having her tonsils out and Pleurisy and several sinus infection and colds, she is nearly normal. She is till in mild marrow failure but is living her own life and has found a Lake Winnebago Love.

Jake has gained more weight than we ever thought possible. After being so close to death for so long, we were lead to the right place with the right people and he is eating by mouth but is till on supplement. He struggles with diarrhea and nausua. His marrow is dangerously low but we are watching his counts.

Samuel is doing great and they all recieve IGG infusions weekly and neupogen injection as needed. He is in 4H shootong and achery and doing great. He is in drivers education!


Without the extra support, we would not be able to allow any activity for Samuel. So thank you so much.







 Yet the Lord longs to be gracious to you; He rises to show you compassion.Yet the Lord is a God of justice. Blessed are all who wait for him! For the Lord is a God of Justice. Blessed are all who wait for Him! I saiah 33:2 

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, "declares the Lord. "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 


Freezin for a Reason email address:

  KCTV5 Video-  Thanks to so many close friends and all who helped and continue to help year after year. There is no place like home! Visit our home page to see more about the event.


    As you can see this group of sponsors continues to grow so large, and we (my family) really are not involved in organizing the event. Therefore, I know a have missed listing some really important contributors. I deeply apologize for that, but please contact me at  so that I can add you to the list. We know many of you don't need the recognition but our family and kids really need to see who has given so much.

Mark, Gail and The Lytle Family and so many more...Thank You!



The Winnebago Water Wizards

Lake Winnebago Community

Lake Winnebago Signal

Lake Winnebago Yacht Club

Dave & Gina Harris (matched donations to $10,000)

South Metro Fire and Emergency Response

Joenic Steel, LLC


Body by Jenn

Custom Play Systems, Inc

Don Davis, “Catfish Pimp”-best fish I ever had

Greg Wozmiak, True Compass Financial

Intrigue Studio (check out the sideshow on the homepage)

Jimmy Mac Construction

Joann Fischbach, A Place for Mom

Lake Winnebago Lions Club

Linda McCambridge, Reece & Nichols

Little Joe's Asphalt

Lytle Construction, Inc. (Thanks for keeping us warm)

Martha LaPietra, MD

Metro Tile Contractors

Osbourne Orthodontics

Perfect Promotions “Awesome Freezin for a Reason Long Sleeve Shirts”

Pyro City

Riffe Homes

Smiles by Dr. Jim Elias

Steve & Karen Turner

Lee's Summit Boats and Gear

Summit Construction

Tim & Jana Allen, Realty Executives Metro One

Union Bank

Lake Lotawana Ski Club (although no skiing, a couple of those guy's jumped in anyway)

Lee's Summit Journal

Kansas City Star

News Channel 5

Fox 4 news

NBC action news

Grandview Advocate



Those who broke boats breaking up the ice and those out for two weeks nightly and to their families who gave up time..




                           First Annual Runnin For A Reason                                                 Our Cup  Runneth Over    

Abundant Life is the heart and soul of who we are in Christ  because they made us stronger by teaching  us how to teach ourselves,  To feed our family, His word and when you learn to lean on His Word and not a church or a group of people, though we have those as extra benefits, you are able to stand steadfast.  You must become BROKEN and we mean SOLD OUT to Him. Never dening where your next breath comes from or your tomorrows.  I have known Jesus since I was a small child. He was and will always be my best friend and I know He has me even when I doubt myself. To be one in Christ is to be FREE! No one can ever take that from you. I was fortunate to know Him from a very young age and He has brought me through some rough times. 

 I had a strong relationship with Him but I had not learned how to really be able without Sunday School or Chruch to teach oneself. It is critical to always be growing in Him, knowing Him. Fellowship is very important too but it doesn't always mean you must be present in body, though who would not want to be if they could? We miss that so much. Each Sunday, weather in a church or at home in church, we are still very much apart of the place we still fell we get what we need along with our daily walk.

 It is not a Religion, it is a relationship and a way of living. It doesn't make us perfect, in fact, to be a Christian you must first admit you are a sinner! That means we sin, we do bad, wrong things even when we do not know it and when we do, we strive not to but fall short.  We are not better than anyone else, maybe just a bit more aware of how messed up we really are! It is a path a road and journey and sometimes we really mess it up. All we can do is ask forgiveness.

  Christ  gave us a crash course, we either bucked up and obeyed and soaked up His words to walk the Life or we drown in our own self pity and greif. We had two ways to look at things, either we were cursed and I know my sweet children aren't that or we would be made stronger and as a result and  thank Him for every time we go through another trail because we are suffering  to become more like Him !  

   May 1st, 2010, location Lake Winnebago MO, Contact information, Monte Seabaugh 816-537-4123 or Abundant Life Church 816-554-8181 ask for Dave Williams or Matt Hitson. Also you can call Machelle Riffe, 816-507-3448 and Christopher Cox 816-522-5677 email                                                             

  Please, see our links above as we have so many people and things to explore besides this disease and our family. We most want to convey that this is our families webpage and we use it for His glory.  We have been thorugh some hardships, just as anyone and want to share this to allow others to pray and uplift our family and to give Him above all, the first place in our life.