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                                                   HUNT OF A LIFETIME

Very few times in a person's life, do they get to do all of the things they have dreamed of doing. Sometimes in life we are thrown a curve ball and what we imagined our lives to be, are far from it. We get married with intentions of staying together forever. Some decide they want a family, small or big and once in awhile that isn't a reality and one cannot have children. Then there are those, most of us who dream of making money and aquiring wealth. This often becomes a reality and many are blessed by the feild of choice and hard work. Others seem to try so hard but somehow they come up empty handed time and again. In all of this, their are those from all walks of life that have been though a life changing or alternating experience or we become aware of such a thing. They come across someone who they know or hear about and give such a gift, a dream.

Tina Patterson, is one who started to make dreams come true for other kids like Mathew. He had always wanted to see Alaska and hunt there. Mathew didn't get to live out the many other dreams he had planned and we all know, most of us do not get such chances to have everything, every dream we ever wanted to come true. I'm certain Mathews loved ones dream was for him to be healed of the disease ravashing his body. Mathew knew he had only so much time and he wanted his entire family with him and Tina made it happen without the Wish foundations, while they do great things, a dying childs wish should be made.

Out of Mathews new life in heaven began, Tina began the organization called Hunt of a Lifetime, they also do fishing trips and combo's. This is where we found the way to make our own son, Jakes dream come true. Jake has been sick for close to two years but it got really bad about a year ago and no one knew what was wrong other than C-Diff and his lack of neutrophils or the lack for them to move as well as his immune system to kill the bacteria even after 3 months on Vancomyocin. My kids have all been sick and for long periods of time.strength. Then the bills hit and insurance fights took up 20 hours a week. No one knew what they had, we knew it was bad and a bone marrow disease and we knew what that meant. We spent hours praying. In KC for a short time, everyone did well and we thanked God everyday for allowing us to live normal. Camping, fishing, shooting, boating and swimming in the best community in the world, going to the best church in the world.

Then the news that all needed transplanst followed and with that so did rejections to pay bills by the insurance company. When you have one child sick for a short while or one catashapic illness, they pay and there maybe some bills along with all that isn't paid, hotel stays, food costs, gas and time away from work unpaid. If you have three like we do and they have in their records that they all need transplants even if another doctor says not now, it's there like a stamp on your head. Vacations and time away come by way of kind and generous people who offer them to you. Even then, if one or more are sick, you ofetn can't go or afford the gas to get there. We got to go to Disney when Grace was four and we thought she was going to need a transplant and wanted to go not knowing. She doesn't remember but we do and will forever. Samuel has made his wish over a year ago but with Jake so sick, we couldn't go. So take it from a mother of three sick kids, life doesn't get easier when they grow older, the bills don't vanish and new sets of concern set in but we almost lost our son this year and while we beleive he is doing better, he has missed out on nearly two years of life along with this family. Getting to go on this trip, was more than a vacation, an adventure, it started our life again! The gift of time in your child dream is amazing but the real dream is the jumpstart we needed and we hope that maybe we can return to life again. We know were on a rollar-coaster and it's hard to take so many ups and downs but God gave us a huge up through Hunt of a Lifetime.


You are a special man, a giving man and patient. Jake saw how hppay you were to get his bear, like you were happier than he was. We will always feel grateful to you for not only did you pay for one trip but all three of our kids. When we left, we hoped your bear would be huge and it was. No one deserved it more. You were so kind hearted to my kids and for that you are in their lives forever. Please know it isn't a take take tak but a give and take. We are here for you and your entire family.


You are one of the hardest working people I have meet in awhile. You never stopped doing something to make it more comfortable for us or to insure the kids got their bears and protect us.  You worked weeks before we ever arrived and you had time involved that was a favor. You were the best cook and a wonderful guide and teacher. Always a part of us


The moment we stepped off the baot, you reminded each of us as an uncle. You took right up with the kids and enjoyed teaching them. The stories you told were great and you made us laugh more than a few times. When the bear took all those candy bars, you were mad and determined to get that bear! We laughed about that for so long.


From Shadow Aviation you were awesome. Your a wonderful husband and father. You are also aware that your a blessed man to have such a great wife and daughter. You and your family is the example of the kind of family I want for ours. Thank you so much for ALL you did.