Clostridium Difficile

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Articles on C-Diff, A killer bug

This bacteria has robbed our lives and it has taken my health and worsened the health of my children.  It cripples you and takes so much away.   Jake is so weak and sick with this as Samuel and I also struggle. Grace has had this but she may have it again. We pray that Grace doesn't get this and that God can save Jake and our family from this horrible Germ. Below are some articles about this awful bacteria. It kills people with normal immune systems and for a family to get rid of this, it is very difficult since the kids see their GI and we see ours. The only cure known is a fecal transplant and is very hard to get insurance to pay even though it has proven to be a cure. Please continue to pray for our family. This can lead to other GI issues as it has with us. Ulcerative Colitisis. This is an awful disease as well so all of this combined is plain bad news and what is so upsetting, it can be treated properly and these other diseases C-Diff cause wouldn't happen. I firmly believe we are still not being treated and as a result of waiting for months on end to see GI doctors and each of us one at a time with treatment often only after a scope and then not treating this bacteria aggressively, it can kill. We have told every doctor what we have and only two, one is mine gets it. They were happy to read articles and learn what they needed to know. This family won't give up and we will find treatment once and for all. It has taken too much from us and my children's immune systems are not built to handle such a bacteria for so long. We are watching our son fade away. I would not want anyone to ever have this and caution parents of sick kids about hospital bathrooms as well as using a probiotic during antibiotic treatment and moms already know how to clean. This is not easy to detect and often takes several samples and even then, a scope maybe the only way. It is also known and we believe Jake may have this to cause Pseudomembranous Colitisis, this can be treated but can also be life-threatning. Blood in the stool, temperature, pain and watery diarreha are all part of this and Jake has all of these. Trust me as a mother, finding blood from your child is scarey. This link alone has many links about the new strain and many more facts.

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This bacteria can strike anyone, healthy or not but for our children, it is a very life-threatning infection that causes other awful intestinal and GI related diseases. Ulcerative Colitis and many other GI problems. This bug has become more resistant and many doctors do not know that it can cause constipation and pain without diarreha as well as massive diarreha as our kids have. I had the constipation and only a scope is often how it is caught. Stool samples do not catch this bacteria all the time.

Many doctors will say hygiene is the key, well all who know me or any SDS mom knows we are one clean family. SDS mothers carry lysol along and Clorox wipes to grocery stores and we are clean freaks as bacteria is our number one enemy! This came by way of a hospital and we were easy targets. It was super easy to catch and there are resistant strains of this. More and more places are being hit by this bacteria and in many states has become a well known killer. Hygeiene is particularly important when trying to rid your home. You must was sheets every few days and clean the restroom everyday and use Clorox wipes in between one another. Once you have had this, you are prone to get it again. You can also be a carrier and not ever get it but give it.


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